“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”

 Oscar Wilde

Our Philosophy is to bring market-fresh, seasonal dishes to your table.

A warm welcome to 1860 Restaurant where we hope you will enjoy our convivial hospitality and great local food, carefully put together by our dedicated and experienced chefs.

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We are open 7 days a week and cater for all the family; all our food is prepared from start to finish in our kitchen by our team of experienced and dedicated team.  If you want food to tantalize your senses, then make sure to book a table for a “Chef’s Choice menu”. Enjoy a 5-, 4- or 3-course menu with wine matches, available Thursday to Sunday from 5pm.  This menu changes weekly to compliment seasonal ingredients that are available locally.  Mike, our head chef, will shop fresh every Wednesday and then design a menu to suit, our front-of-house team will then match his delicious creations with local and international wines. We will often have a bottle of  wine not on the list just for these occasions, so ask Cristhian or Malenka about our wine recommendations when dining.

Wairarapa has an abundance of growers, and natural food producers which goes hand-in-hand with our philosophy to cook from scratch with seasonal ingredients. We use fresh herbs and lettuce from “Home Cottage Gardens“, fruits and vegetables from “Pinehaven Orchards“, fresh-cut meats from Sam at the “Big Apple” and “Greytown Butchers“. Our fresh fish comes from “Takitimu Seafoods“, cheeses from “C’est Cheese“, olives from “Juno” and honey from “Greytown Honey“.

All dishes are prepared from start to finish in our kitchen, from baking bread to pasta making to curing meats. We incorporate the techniques and cooking styles that Mike and Alejandra have learnt during their travels. You can expect a truly international experience, with Mike from Austria, Alejandra from Chile, alongside the Irish/Kiwi owners Tony and Ursula. Around the restaurant you will find Cristhian (Chile), Malenka (NZ) and Jasmine (NZ) and on-hand to help you with questions and wine selections.